Fort Sill P-X Opportunities

The PX is opening their doors to small business! Fort Sill AAFES announced the opportunity to sell unique products through the Fort Sill PX. Here are the high points of the opportunity:

  • You would contract to rent a kiosk or table for one week or less, even for just a weekend, and typically never longer than 90 consecutive days.
  • You can choose the days you would like to sell.
  • They are looking for unique items such as Made in Oklahoma products (art, crafts, food items, etc.) or one of a kind items that would augment existing AAFES stock. They have had such products as Tupperware as well. If you provide a service that would be of interest to military families, there is opportunity for you as well, just not in the kiosk.
  • The average foot traffic past the kiosk would be 2000-4000 a day.
  • You cannot take orders unless you can fill them during the days of your contract.
  • There is no charge for utilities.
  • If you don’t sell anything there would be no cost to you. But they ask that you have enough of your product in stock that you can meet demand during the full time for which you contract. So you might want to start out with just a couple of days to test the market for your product.
  • The “rent” is a negotiated percentage of sales. It can be more or less than 20% of gross sales depending on factors that will be discussed with you when you call.

Please contact Cathy Mars if you have questions.
Ft. Sill/Altus AFB Exchange
O:580-442-3690 F:580-351-9887
Cell: 580-917-0096

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