When Bad Things Happen 2 Good Technology

Have you ever been working on your computer and then dun dun dun –your computer freezes?  Maybe your computer crashes altogether? You may have lost family photos, music collection, or some paper/project that you have been working on for the past 3 days.

The majority of us have had to endure the frustration when a computer acts up.

Computer crashes can happen at home and work. Businesses have an extra level of worry to think about when computer crashes happen.

What happens to those accounting records?

Can you prove that you have paid your Oklahoma Sales Tax; what about your FICA, Federal and State withholding; can you prove that your customers have paid their invoices? These are just a few things that you may think about when your business computer messes up.

There are many ways to help ensure the health of your computer (business or home)

1. Good surge protection and battery backup

How many of us have the simple power strip and call it a surge protector? Yes some of these power strips do have surge protection but that is almost like going black bear hunting with a .22 – some may try it but the outcome may not be too good for the majority of us.

So what do you need – look for a battery backup surge protector. With a battery backup- when the power goes out the power comes from the battery backup- now you cannot run the computer all day on the battery backup but you can save what you need to and properly  shut  your system down.

2. Multiple backups

Technology has come leaps and bounds from the old 3 ½ Floppies. Below is a picture of some of the options that we have.

I worked with one business where they were backing items up floppy disk then when they got a new computer the computer did not have a 3.5 floppy drive.

Another scary story is that backups were being done on some CD+RW’s – for whatever reason the business did not check to make sure the backups were done properly.

3. Offsite storage of backups

What good does having a backup copy that sits in the same office as the computer? What happens when a force of nature comes and destroys an office- Fire, Rain, or what have ya? If your backup copy gets destroyed for whatever reason then you (the business owner, the employee and the customer) are still in a bad spot. Check with your local bank – maybe you can put your backup copy in the night deposit box, purchase a fire proof safe & store the backup in the safe, or use an online backup site. Here are few of the online backup sites www.mozy.com and www.carbonite.com are some top ones that come up when searching for online backups. Of course you need to do your due diligence and see which seems right for you.

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