Work Keys

WorkKeys is a skills assessment and improvement system directly linked to occupations and specific jobs. Foundation and Personal skill assessments and training can be used singly or in combination:


  • Listening
  • Reading for Information
  • Writing
  • Business Writing
Problem Solving

  • Applied Mathematics
  • Applied Technology
  • Locating Information
  • Observation
Interpersonal Skills

  • Teamwork
Career Readiness

  • Performance
  • Talent
  • Fit
Related Skills

Employers use WorkKeys Job Analysis to analyze skills and skill levels for their jobs to describe skills to job applicants and educators. Job applicants compare their skills and levels to those required, and educators compare student skill levels to occupations. The WorkKeys website includes listings of Skill Levels for over 400 Occupations based on over 4,500 job profiles. Instructional support is readily available.

Employees and job seekers receive Career Readiness Certificates (CRCs) from participating state agencies such as Oklahoma Employment Security Commission (OESC) Employment Offices. Persons completing WorkKeys assessments also have a record of their results online at