A Different View of Quality

How does your business see quality?   If a product or service is produced within the specification limits … isn’t that good enough?   If we promise to deliver that pizza within 15 minutes and it arrives at the customers table in 13 minutes that is good enough … right?

WRONG.  Here are three reasons.

  1. We won’t WOW our customers.  Our customers have a specific target in mind when they purchase a product or service from our business.  While they will tolerate something less this does not produce an enthusiastic customer who will not only use or product or service but will endorse it and persuade others.
  2. We will miss the target.  When a business process is producing a product or service that is just barely within a specification limit and not centered on the requirement (target) there is no room for the normal variation in a process that will occur. As the process is distributed over the standard deviations in a normal curve some incidences will fall outside the specification limits if the process is not well centered over the target value.
  3. The farther you go the worse it gets.  There is a mathematical function called the Taguchi loss Function.   Simple put it means in the words of W. Edwards Deming – (there is a) “a loss at the nominal value, and an ever-increasing loss with departure either way from the nominal value.”  Or even more plainly… when products or processes are produced near the specification limit they are more costly than those produced at the target value. Loss is related to variation and off-target distance.

The bottom line is that “good enough” is not good enough. We must continually improve our process to keep our product or process ON TARGET.