Great Plains Technology Center Opens Comanche Nation Rapid Prototyping Lab

Great Plains Technology Center’s Business Development Center celebrated the grand opening of the Comanche Nation Rapid Prototyping Lab on August 28.
The lab was made possible through the support of the Comanche Nation. It will allow local businesses to make prototypes of items before making them available to the public.
The new lab features equipment and software for the creation of prototypes, which can be made with one of the lab’s nine 3D printers. The state-of-the-art lab offer businesses the ability to make prototypes or models in the pre-production stage, check the design, and modify if needed.
“Often a business may wonder how to take a great idea, create it and make sure it’s going to work. The Comanche Nation Rapid Prototyping Lab offers an affordable place for a business to start and grow, which will ultimately help our economy,” said Morgan Gould, Director of Business and Industry Services at Great Plains Technology Center. “We have a debt of gratitude to the Comanche Nation, without their generous support, we wouldn’t have the Lab.”