Louanna Neeley

Ph: (580) 250-5514
Fx: (580) 250-5566
Office 624

Louanna began her industrial career as a Journeyman Electrician for JR’s Heating and Air Conditioning in 1979. In 1988, she became the Industrial Training Specialist for the Corporate Training department. As an Industrial Training Specialist, she develops competency based maintenance based curriculum for various industries, from basic ohm’s law through programmable logic controllers. She also presents instruction, evaluates student performance based on established standards and constructs or modifies training aids to meet specific job needs.

Louanna is regionally recognized as a knowledgeable and professional electrical/electronics trainer. She is devoted to motivating students to become successful and providing quality training aids that enhance job performance and personal confidence. Louanna’s experience in the electrical/electronics field help her develop training programs that students understand and benefit from. Her ability to take the intimidation out of learning is reflected in the success rate of her students.

Significant accomplishments include: designing and assembling 4’ x 4’ cube trainers, cathodic rectifier protection system trainers, temperature control unit trainers, and pneumatic clean room trainers that enabled students to experience work simulation situations. She also redesigned and installed the control circuit of fabric machine for the Schlegel Company from relay control to Programmable Logic Control with AC Drives. She has also developed curriculum for 3-M, Arkansas Louisiana Gas Company, Public Service Company, Bar-S Foods, Republic Paper Company, and Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company.