When Hustlin’ and TCB come together

We have all been there. We spend our time running from one fire to another. Some of these fires deal with closing that next deal, making the next sell, and getting money into the bank so we can make this week’s payroll. Of course, Karl Marx and Warren Buffett would be happy with the amount of Capitalism that is taking place. We are making money and that is an important goal for a business but sometimes we end up forgetting about the Big Picture.

For example, I am working with a client right now. Most days for this business could be described as organized chaos (okay organized might be too nice but you get the idea). Our goal in August was to get information off QuickBooks for the accountant to do the 2010 tax return. This business is setup as a corporation so their tax return was due the Ides of March (or March 15th) – an extension was filed for this business which would mean that in order for the tax return to be “filed in a timely manner” the accountant needs to have everything done by September 15th. I was thrilled we were able to meet the goal in August – the only thing needed to be done, was to take the flash drive to the accountant (about 5 miles away). Any one of the 6 employees could have taken the flash drive to the CPA’s office. My guess is that since I was there in August the employees drove by the accountant’s office at least 10 times (and that is low balling the number). Yet the flash drive did not get delivered until after Labor Day.

This is a good example of how we spend so much time focusing on those little fires and Hustlin’ for money that we forget that we need to also focus on “Takin’ Care of Business”. One of the things that I try to instill in our clients is that you don’t want to mess around with the IRS. Nothing good can come of that. For those of you waiting to complete your 2010 extension filing for your personal tax return, keep in mind that October 15th is very close and will be here before you know it.

If any of this sounded familiar to you, we can help you get back on track.

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